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Khushnam Badshaw said...

I live in bukit batok.
My son turned 4 on 14th jan.

I have come from india.
My son has done his nursery there .... after that we moved to UK for a year where again he did repeat nursery .

Now the problem is that in singapore they are asking me to do a nursery again as he doesnt fall in the age brackets they have just cause of 14 days.
My son is really smart for nursery .
I may say he is capable of going to K2 if given an opportunity.
He is very clear with his basics ... social skills.... language etccc as I hav been teaching him quite a bit at home too.

Is there any chance that PCF can take a test of judge him in some way and promote him to atleast K1 if not K2 ???????

Pls adv.
Thank you.


danielding13 said...

I believe there are tests administered by child psychologists to check the intellectual level of preschoolers. & if proven to be a gifted kid, there are also special enrichment classes for these kids.